Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Enzo Perez likely to stay

Valencia CF have been looking to offload the expensive midfielder all summer long, but unfortunately his high transfer fee, high salary and injury riddled season have put a dampener on those plans. It seems no one is willing to spend around 25 million euros for the midfielder considering he hasn't celebrated himself the past two years in Valencia CF, so teams are afraid to take an expensive chance with Enzo Perez.

Enzo Perez came to Valencia CF as a huge reinforcement, but while he's given some good performances when on the pitch, his issue has been the injuries, he is just too much injury prone and has spend more time recuperating and healing than playing, thus Valencia CF management are planing on keeping Enzo Perez at Valencia CF with the plan on renegotiating a reduced salary for him, something he is unlikely to accept though.

Valencia CF could therefore have no option, but to keep him as is and hope and pray that he has a better and less injury riddled season.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Nani to Valencia CF is almost a done deal

Valencia CF have supposedly reached a personal agreement with Nani and are said to be very close to finalizing the deal with Fenerbahce to bring the player to Valencia CF. Good news is that Fede will be back from his vacation shortly and arrive in Valencia CF where he will be given a honest chance to prove himself. Pako is said to be a fan of the player and wants him to stay, but it will ultimately depend on how Fede utilizes his chance.

On the other hand Nani has impressed at the Euro 2016 and many clubs are starting to become interested in the player, fortunately Valencia CF moved first and are close to finalizing a 8 million euros deal.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Valencia CF wants to bring Nani

Valencia CF are looking to bring Nani to their squad after an amazing performance by the player for Portugal in the Euro 2016. Nani currently plays for Turkish club Fenerbahche and is looking to leave this summer with Valencia CF providing the perfect opportunity for him to do just that.

Before joining Fenerbahce he played 8 years in Manchester United, firstly as a winger and later on as a full back as well. Valencia CF is set to offer in the region of up to 8 million euros for the player, though with his Euro 2016 performances not going unnoticed the price could easily rise.

Finally I want to address my previous post about the Brits voting to leave the European Union. Firstly I didn't vote on it, I didn't make the decision, but I do agree personally with it and I won't change my mind. You are free to disagree with my opinion, with my post as with any, freedom of speech and thought where its still allowed at least. This is not a political blog obviously, I don't see what's political about the vote, I see it as ideological determination and I would congratulate on any people choosing to self determine. If you disagree with the vote, take it up with the voters.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Congrats to the Brits

I want to congratulate the British people on voting to leave the European Union. Personally I think the European Union had become the new Soviet Union, trying to force fed different nations, cultures, religions, languages, traditions, understandings and behaviors and mold them into one uniform people, lacking the diversity that makes each of us special.

Also if anyone proclaims to support and want democracy, this is it, the people the have spoken and voted to leave the political union of unelected bureaucrats. The European Union has for years now been a body of unelected, non representative bureaucrats who earn millions for literally force feeding their own lifestyles unto others.

There are all sort of theories what this will do to the football policies, but personally I think most of the stuff we see is scaremongering, Britain is in Europe the CONTINENT, they are Europeans, not being in a political union doesn't change that fact of life. So any notion that players from Britain won't count as European is absurd.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tottenham and PSG interested in Abdennour

Valencia CF have wanted to sell Aymen Abdennour since the summer begun, and now they might have the chance to do so. With Unai Emery set to take over at PSG he's already asked for few reinforcements to boost his already powerful and successful squad. As a former coach of Valencia CF he's been following the situation with Valencia CF transfers and apparently thinks he can get the best out of Aymen Abennour.

Another interested club seems to be Tottenham who are desperate to strengthen their leaky defense so they can mount another challenge for the Premier league title next season. Tottenham is also coached by a Spanish coach, with Mauricio Pochettino supposedly impressed with what he's seen from the defender and his big physique also fits in with English football.

Would you like to see Aymen sold and with Raul Albiol now a more distant possibility, who would you like to see replace him?

Friday, June 17, 2016

Andre Gomes set to leave Valencia CF

With four clubs chasing after Andre Gomes it seems his days are numbered at Valencia CF. The club wanted to sell some of the dead wood so to speak and trim the squad a bit, but so far barely anyone wants those players, with some of the best offers being loan requests.

Since Valencia CF wants to bring in 4 to 5 new players and time is quickly running out they are forced to basically part ways with Andre Gomes to get the cash required to purchase new players. There are four clubs after Andre Gomes with Chelsea FC, Manchester United, Juventus and even FC Barcelona is interested in acquiring his services, his price could easily reach the zone where Valencia CF would be willing to part ways with him. So far Juventus have sent an offer of 40 million euros plus a player from their team, but Valencia CF rejected the offer and demanded at least 60 million euros in pure money.

With Manchester United, Chelsea and others getting really interested in the player, its likely some of those teams will bid 60 million euros or more. Andre Gomes is considered one of the brightest prospects in Europe, almost on the same level as Pogba, but Pogba's price being close to 80 million euros, most clubs are turning to Gomes.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Confirmed players Valencia CF wants to bring

Raul Albiol is the primary target for Valencia CF, the club has been trying to get him for months now and has a personal agreement with the player, though the negotiations with his club Napoli have been unproductive so far, but Valencia CF still has at least one more round of negotiations to reach an agreement.

This is a confirmed player that Valencia CF want to buy and will be hoping to add to the squad in the next few weeks.

Ignacio Camacho is the secondary target for Valencia CF, the club has identified several players to leave and among them in Enzo Perez who's salary is quite large, but so far he's been unable to justify his fee and salary, so Valencia CF is looking at Ignacio Camacho who currently plays for Malaga CF as a defensive midfielder and sees him as the perfect replacement for Enzo Perez.
Valencia CF have approached the player and club, with  Ignacio Camacho being open to a move to Valencia CF, while negotiations with Malaga CF are still ongoing and there is an issue about the transfer fee for the player, though negotiations are in the early stages and there are at least 2 more meetings where terms could be negotiated, though Malaga CF would probably only be forced to sell if the player's 18 million euros buy-out clause is triggered.

Alternative to Ignacio Camacho is Amadou Diawara, but only if Valencia CF can't acquire Camacho. Negotiations have started with the player and his club about a potential transfer, but again Valencia CF are more so inquiring about the player and the possibility of leaving, rather than mounting a full out purchase.

Filip Kostic is the third and final confirmed player that Valencia CF want to bring to their ranks. Valencia CF first option was Cheryshev, but the negotiations with the player and his club have been tough and some of the demands unrealistic that Valencia CF have given up on the player and have looked elsewhere for options, identifying Filip Kostic as a great alternative to Cheryshev. Valencia CF have already told Pablo Piatti to find a new club, while Rodrigo De Paul who returns from loan is also out of the plans for the coach and sporting director, so Valencia CF are essentially left with no options on the left flank. So far the negotiations with the player have been positive, but once again Valencia CF has stumbled across a bridge wall in the negotiations with VfB Stuttgart, who are another club overvaluing their player and trying to get unrealistically high amount of money considering their situation.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Valencia CF preseason

Valencia CF will start off their preseason in Valencia, then move to Switzerland in the town of Nyon where the team will have preparations for about two weeks, with this Pako wants to recreate the same conditions that led to the La Liga winning year where Pako and Benitez were at the helm, and for the first match they will travel to Finland where they will match up against FC Ilves.

Valencia CF might also do a week of preparations in Austria as the team always does, but so far that is unclear.
After the first control match, Valencia CF will travel to England where it will face off against Crystal Palace and A.F.C. Bournemouth, which will be a decent test to see how the preparations are going, Valencia CF should do well in these matches, outright losses would put a little bit of a dampener on the preparations.

Usually Valencia CF finds more teams to play against before the Orange trophy match which Valencia CF will play on July 30th against FC Fiorentina, which will most likely be the final test before the new season starts.