Saturday, August 27, 2016

Shkodran Mustafi joins Arsenal FC

Its still not fully official, but Arsene Wenger himself has confirmed the deal. Shkodran Mustafi would join Arsenal FC for a fee of 41 million euros. There was a lot of back and forth, a lot of swings in this saga, but ultimately Arsenal get their target.

Good news from this terrible news is that we would be getting Garay out of this, supposedly in the region of around 20 million euros. Is he worth that much, probably not, but Valencia CF literally does not have any other option. He is the safest bet out of any of the other possibilities and since the transfer window is closing soon we are forced to dish out 20 million for him.

Another move that might happen is getting rid of Aymen Abdennour and bringing in Marcus Rojo from Manchester United.

Ultimately we are weakened by the departure of Mustafi, but Garay would be solid replacement, he isn't young as Mustafi, so the potential of becoming much better isn't there, but he is already very good and experience in defenders is always more important than talent. So possibly a slight loss overall here, but if Aymen leaves and we get Rojo it would be an improvement. Just not having Aymen play would be a major improvement, even if Rojo didn't arrive.

SD Eibar 1-0 Valencia CF Match Report

Let me hear some of you now? What defense, what excuses can you muster up about Valencia's play? We are playing to avoid relegation, don't mistake this. Things will improve once Garay and Rojo arrive, but don't expect miracles. Align your expectations properly and know what this team is and isn't capable of.

I actually know what I'm saying, I have a proven track record that many here seem to forget the instant my views don't align with them. I don't want to sound like a narcissist here, but I'm forced to point at my proven track record of knowing what I'm talking about.

With that out of the way lets analyze the match. From the start it seemed as Valencia CF started slow, compared to our previous match against Las Palmas the energy was lower, the play was slower and determination was lower. That said we had a good opportunity very early on, but that turned out to be a one off, rather than a constant.

Much of the battle was in the midfield and neither team was particularly successful in controlling the ball, with many lost balls and back and forth between both teams. On occasions Valencia CF did have some attacks, though just one sticks out and that is when Moreno was put through on goal, but instead of shooting he chose to pass the ball to the offside Mina and the pass didn't even reach Mina, so it was a ruined chance.

After the first 25 minutes, Eibar started to control more and more of the ball, more and more of the tempo and eventually they seemed like the better team. They didn't have any major chances, but there were certainly scares towards Valencia CF goal as Eibar was able to create several chances by running circles around Cancelo and easily penetrating from the right side. The left side didn't fare much better as Gaya was out of position several times and was lucky the team didn't actually concede a goal in those moments.

The second half saw a more determined Valencia CF out of the gate, we saw more of the ball possession and there was a bit more incentive to move forward, but the play was disorganized, there was no fluidity in the movement, no intelligence in the positioning, it was like watching some random amateur team at times. To make matters worse Eibar's goal put an end to any positivity that was going on in the second half and guess who's fault the goal was? Aymen Abdennour defender amazingly with his hand to block the shot and gave Eibar the penalty. Ryan would step up to the plate and actually save the shot, but the rebound bounced back to Pedro Leon who this time easily slotted the ball into the other side of the net, with pretty much all of Valencia CF players still standing on the line even at that point. So much determination in those players, it choked a stadium full of people. :)

Pako was too late with his substitutions, he was in disbelief of what was happening and you could see on his face he was out of it, probably deciding whether to leave or stay in those moments. Personally I believe he will resign, and I wouldn't blame him if he did so. He was told lies, he was promised things that weren't delivered and he'd be used as a scapegoat if/when the team does bad.

Towards the end he introduced Medran and Bakkali, but this was too little too late. Medran added some drive and energy to the midfield, but he doesn't have any quality player to play with, everyone was like sitting and waiting for everyone else to do something. At least in the previous match where we lost 4-2 the play was actually good, it felt like a team effort, team play, this time it felt dead. That is how I interpret it, everyone I feel felt dead inside, the news, the knowing of Diego Alves leaving, Mustafi leaving, Paco wanting to leave and being close to leaving, I think its hit all of the players.

You can't sell half your team from last season and not think it would affect the other players morals, you can't expect to change half the team and have good results, you can't expect to change half the team and be competitive? We don't have a core group of players, these are all random players who've not played together for more than a month or two. Even the ones who are here for two years haven't been regulars before.

I predicted a loss and I was right, sure we didn't concede 2 or more goals, but this is even worse, conceding a goal and not being able to score back, our play looking terrible. Yes it wasn't all doom and gloom, there were some sparks of greatness, some sparks of life, but its like finding a rain drop in a desert, its too little, too rare for it to have any significance.

The bad part about this is that if we don't play Cancelo we have Montoya who is worse overall, probably a bit better defensively, but overall worse player, for some reason Pako hasn't brought in Lato who I thought was AMAZING in preseason, much better than Gaya, yet we see Gaya and not Lato, meaning Pako makes his decisions politically, not on who is performing better. Gaya is more experienced, so he gets to play, while Lato doesn't because he hasn't been a regular before.

With the arrival of Garay(can't come any sooner) we would have an alternative to the garbage Aymen, who I want to see gone right now, heck just break the contract with him, he is that terrible.

Player Ratings:
Ryan 6.5 - Not troubled too much, dealt with the easy shots at him and stopped the penalty initially.
Cancelo 4 - Terrible defending, I mean at the level of 10yo kids. Was the only one going forward though, but his crosses lacked accuracy while defensively he was garbage.
Santos 6 - I thought he did a good job defensively, covered his position properly, made several interceptions and dealt with the direct threats.
Aymen 0 - Terrible performance, at fault for the goal as he conceded the penalty and made several big mistakes. Get rid of this trash now!
Gaya 2 - Bellow par defensively and not much better offensively. Was caught out of position often at the back and put the team at risk a number of times.
Suarez 3 - Thrust into the action after just barely arriving and it showed, he lacked any sort of understanding with the team and seemed confused as to his role in the team.
Enzo 3 - Ran around like a headless chicken, some defensive contribution, but not much.
Parejo 2 - One of those games where he is completely useless, in fact detrimental to the team. Lost a lot of balls, bad passes, bad positioning, just everything from his was bad.
Nani 4 - Had a decent first half, was clearly playing with lots of motivation, even did some tricks when attacking, but overall he did not provide anything of value.
Moreno 3 - Missed a good chance early on, later on passed to an offside player instead of shooting and generally made the wrong decision every time.
Mina 5 - The only player that actually threatened now and then, had a good scissors shot at goal and generally seemed determined to do something.
Medran 6 - Came in and instantly shore up the midfield, provided a much needed energy in the middle, but unfortunately he doesn't have quality players around him to do much.
Bakkali N/A - Okay for his time on the field, but in such a game he had very little time to change things.
Mir - Our other striker now that Paco is on his way. Does anyone believe he can make a difference? What a joke!

Thanks Aymen for your amazing defending with hands

I can't wait for this trash to get out of Valencia CF.  Why is Pako still playing this trash? He was the worst player last match, he get Vezo out and introduces Mustafi, and now he plays this trash again. I'd rather put Nani as central defender than this garbage!

Please get rid of the trash!

Ezequiel Garay to join Valencia CF

Ezequiel Garay is very close to joining Valencia CF, the deal has been struck between Valencia CF and Zenit, Valencia CF would have to pay them around 18 million euros and the player would get a rather big 3.5 million salary per year, not including bonuses, with the potential to reach 4 million euros.

The deal would not be finalized though until Shkodran Mustafi completes his medical in London and officially signs for Arsenal in a deal worst 41 million euros. Initially Arsenal FC were only willing to spend 30 million euros on the player, then increased their offer to 35 million, ultimately being forced to dish out 41 million euros because of the looming end of the summer transfer window.

Aymen Abdennour is also close to leaving Valencia CF for Turkish club Besiktas, as Valencia CF is looking to offload him due to his extremely high salary and disappointing performances for Valencia CF since he arrived there. Valencia CF is looking to keep Vezo and Santos as backups, hoping they would improve as they are still young and can become better yet.

Replacement for Aymen Abdennour would be Sidnei who's one of Mendez agents and the transfer fee for his would be in the region of 10 million euros.

The arrival for Garay is great, he is a great defender, experienced, strong, hard working, but of course the sale of Mustafi is terrible. Coupling Mustafi with Garay would have been amazing and it would have given Valencia CF one of the best defenses in Spain just like that. Garay is someone who commands the back line and as we saw when Otamendi was here and commanding the back line, the defense did much better when taking orders from an experienced and confident defender.

The departure of Aymen is great, get rid of his high salary and his error prone ways and make way for a new defender. The issue is that Sidnei is the first option, though with Lim and his friend Mendez being so unpopular right now it may force another option.

The second option and one which makes more sense, seems like a better option overall is Marcos Rojo. Manchester United are not counting on the player anymore and since he came in for around 14 million euros, while being on the periphery now, he is likely to cost Valencia CF bellow 10 million euros, possibly making a loan deal with Manchester with the option to purchase the player at the end of the season for 10 or so million euros.

If Garay and Rojo arrive I'd be okay with it, not excited or great about it, but okay. We'd lose out on Mustafi, but improve significantly on Aymen, so ultimately a decent deal.

Friday, August 26, 2016

SD Eibar vs Valencia CF Match Preview

SD Eibar vs Valencia CF Match Preview
Stadium: Ipurua Municipal Stadium
Date: 27.08.2016 18:15 CET
  2nd matchday, La Liga 
Coaches: José Luis Mendilibar and Pako Ayestaran

SD Eibar lost their opening match of the 2016/17 season away to Deportivo La Coruna, it was a close match score wise, but Deportivo just edged out the visitors.
Statistically wise even though its too early to count, SD Eibar has less conceded goals than Valencia CF, in fact two less after just one round of matches. SD Eibar has a strong core of players who've played with each other for a long period of time and while their players might not be world class, they are fighters and have a good solid teamwork.
Valencia CF on the other hand is coming to this match after a terrible opening game in which they lost 4-2 to Las Palmas, one of the newer teams to La Liga, in fact it was a devastating loss for Valencia CF, conceding 4 goals, including 3 in the span of 15 minutes in the first half, while managing to score only 2 goals in return.

Pako's now famous saying before the match when asked about Valencia's terrible defense was "we'll just have to score one more than them", well try and score 5 then and see how well it goes, not so much huh? Back to reality now?

Valencia CF is a shadow of its former self, all of the club's top players have been sold or literally hanging on the exit door, waiting for final confirmation, even Paco Alcacer which I was stupid enough to consider staying is still not out of the clear. He wants to leave, Peter Lim is eager to sell him for profits in his coffers, the issue is FC Barcelona don't have enough money, all they are willing to offer is 30 million euros, which is extremely cheap in this transfer window. If FC Barcelona can somehow get an additional 10 million euros, Paco Alcacer is gone.

I've gotten first hand 100% reliable information that Pako Ayestaran wants to leave, he has supposedly been lied about the transfers and the teams objectives and especially about the players who are staying. I've been informed that of course he wants the job, he wants to coach Valencia CF, but he doesn't want to take the fall later on for the teams poor performances and this match against SD Eibar would inform his decision whether to leave or stay.

UPDATE/BREAKING:  Pako has defied orders again and included Paco Alcacer in the squad, even though negotiations are still ongoing for his sale. If he fields him it would be an even bigger defiance, much like what he did last match when he fielded Mustafi, when he was ordered not to use him, as a potential transfer was looming. Wow, this is so crazy. The club is in full disarray.

I've been really realistic about the club and where its at, some fans, some readers are calling it being negative, but I'm obviously angry, but that hasn't clouded my judgement, I'm 100% objective and real, as I've been for 6+ years writing for this blog. Everything I've said in the past 6 years in on the record, anyone can look it, its a click of a page away and I can say for certain that I've been right 100% on everything, I have the written records for everyone to read and I'm right about the team now.

You may think I'm being negative, I'm being a realist, I'm writing the facts as they are. Yeah I've taken some liberty with some of the words I've used because I am angry, but that doesn't change the facts and the facts are as I've stated them in posts and in comments.

Valencia CF Squad:
Goalkeepers: Ryan, Jaume
Defenders: Cancelo, Montoya, Aymen, Santos, Vezo, Gaya
Midfielders: Suarez, Enzo Perez, Parejo, Medran, Soler, Nani, Bakkali
Forwards: Paco Alcácer, Santi Mina, Moreno, Rafa Mir

Technical Details Valencia CF (probable setups):
Formation: 4-3-3
Line-up: Ryan; Cancelo, Santos, Ayemn, Gaya; Enzo, Parejo, Medran; Nani, Moreno, Mina.
Tactics: High defensive line, all roung pressure, high tempo pressing, mixed passing, winged attacks

Result Prediction:
SD Eibar 2-1 Valencia CF
SD Eibar have a much stronger defense, they have a good solid core, they are playing at home and as such I expect them to just edge out Valencia CF. Valencia CF has a leaky defense, so I'm expecting the defense to concede two goals, hopefully not 4  as before, that would really suck, I also expect the team to score one goal, probably Moreno who's been in top form in the preseason.

Pako Ayestaran wants to leave

Valencia CF coach Pako Ayestaran wants to leave the club, turns out he's been told sweet big lies and now that he's had a dose of reality check hit him in the face, he is seriously considering resigning as coach of Valencia CF.

I think the next match would inform Pako's decision to stay or resign. I think if he sees another terrible loss like the previous one, where we concede goals left and right and we can't score goals on our own, I think he will make the decision to leave the club and I wouldn't blame him. He needs to jump off of a sinking ship before he gets all of the blame.

If you have followed his interviews for the past 10 days, you'll see he is giving cryptic messages and sort of trying to pressure the club into sanity, he even came out after Las Palmas game and publicly stated that Mustafi was not for sale, he knew Mustafi was on the exit door, he defied Lim's orders and said that Mustafi would stay, also calling for reinforcements for the club. Well tough luck champ, you won't be getting any and you'll loose Mustafi.

At that point I literally don't see how Valencia CF can even survive as a football club.

I support VCF, not this imposter

Look guys and gals, I support VCF, I would have supported VCF through hell and back, but this is an imposter club, this is NOT Valencia CF.

There is nothing left from Valencia CF. No staff, management, ownership, players, coaches, ambassadors, etc... There is diminishing fan base that is soon going to realize as well that they are supporting an imposter and everyone would quit.

What is dead may not die though, as phoenix from the ashes the spirit of VCF can live again, get the parasite that's attached to the club out and we can restore Valencia CF. This is a parasite, an imposter club, but VCF can be restored.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Peter Lim get lost from this club NOW!

You've destroyed this club, you absolutely ravaged, murdered this club with over 100 years of history and tradition. You parasite, you removed everyone at the helm, including the internal people bellow the highest levels who've been at Valencia CF for 10+ years, some of them 20+ years and you put in garbage new cohorts that would be the yes men to everything you do.

It took you only 3 years to destroy this club, first you fed your friend tens of millions of dollars buying his absurdly overpriced players, then you purchase shares in them, so Valencia CF owns some, you own some and now not even in the third year and you've already sold all of them.

You are not welcomed in Valencia, I urge fans not to use violence, but make your voices heard, post negative reviews about his businesses, use strong words if he makes the mistake to travel to VCF, make sure you are vocal about the issue, but again no need for violence. That won't solve anything, but we need to make sure he leaves our club alone. This parasite has destroyed the club that many of us have supported for almost 20 years, in some cases even more. Spanish fans who've supported the club for 50+ years and now we've been turned into a club fighting to survive relegation.

The parasite that is Peter Lim needs to go right now!